Friday, September 10, 2010

Salam Eidul Fitri 1431H

Assalamualaikum my esteemed readers and friends,

With all the gratitude and sincerity, our entire JC IIUM staffs would like to wish you all a happy and blessed Eidul Fitri 1431H. We realize that none of us escape from err, wrong, and carelessness. Therefore, we apologize to our dear readers and friends for our mistakes and errors. May Allah s.w.t always bestow us with His maghfirah and ease His guidance to us all. Amin

Allahumma taqabbal siamana, solatana, qiamana, ruku'ana, sujudana kama taqabbalta min ibadiqassolihin

JC Editorial Desk

1 Syawwal 1431H
10th September 2010
IIUM Gombak

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