Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ImHalal, A new Islamic search engine

As Google and Yahoo's compete to win the world, ImHalal, a new “Halal” search engine that filters out content based on Islamic principles emerges to appeal to Muslim users.

The search engine collected its name from permissible objects and action. The new search engine appears to meet the standards of Islam.

The provides religious Muslims with the opportunity to access the internet without searching through content that is considered haram or forbidden, according to Islamic Law.

The halal search engine categorizes haram search results into three levels.

Haram search results will be led to a note reading Oops! Your search inquiry has a Haram level of 1 out of 3. This means that the results fetched by could be haram!

However, the user may access to the results at the first two levels. The search engine gives a link reading If you still think the results will be clean click me!. Clicking on the link allows the user to proceed with the search.

Search terms of the third levels will be directed to a note tempting the users to change the key word.

The note reads Oops! Your search inquiry has a Haram level of 3 out of 3! I would like to advise you to change your search terms and try again.


Source: PressTV
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