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It is sad to hear deaths every day. If it is a “normal death” due to sickness, immediate death and health may not be so tragic because these types of death are “automatic.”

But when it comes to “manual” deaths; where the person takes his one soul out of his body, it is the combination of sad and disgust. Why should a person commit suicide? It is more catastrophic if these persons kill themselves over reasons as trivial as SPM results.

Over SPM results? Is that real? Believe it or not, it happens every year after the SPM results are announced.

Why does this killing yourself scene occur because of examination results? Many people will claim “this proves the failure of the examination oriented education systems nowadays.”

The question to be raised is “Is it true that these suicide cases are because of the failure of the education system?”

An examination oriented education system is surely boring, but let us discuss.

Minority vs. majority

With the advent of outstanding peoples like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Colonel Harland Sanders; people at large often take them as proofs proving the failure of the education system nowadays.

What do these people have in common? All of them are dropouts of university or school. The university and school are the manifestation of the education system. Although they were “rejected” products of the education system but they managed to achieve success in life.

But, ironically, as outstanding these outstanding people may be, they are the minority. The majority of the people are products of the educational system. Only gifted people are given the gift of being outstanding.

Looking at this fact, let us question ourselves back “Is the education system nowadays still a failure?”

The corrupted education system

Abu Hassan Ali An Nadwi once said that “The education system of today failed to give birth to two groups of people: the first is those who are khusyuk in ‘ibadah, and the second is those who cry when a sin is done.”

An exam oriented education system is boring and has always been. You need to waste valuable hours of your time learning something you can’t apply in your daily life. You need to force thousands of facts and figures into your head and once your exams have finished, you forget them all.

Yeah, the education system today is not productive. It focuses more on academics rather than the development of oneself. It trains you how to be a passive person rather than active. It teaches you to become a follower rather than to become a leader.

Our responsibility

Let us stop gossiping on the corrupted education system. Let us stop saying badly to the authority even if they are bad.

Let us focus on what we can do to solve this catastrophe. If we keep on saying this and repeating that, commenting this and complaining that, we will never go anywhere.

But if we stop these sweet gossiping and focus on finding the solution, we will get somewhere.

What can we do?

The analogy is very simple. Have you ever wondered how fish is never salty even though they live in a salty sea?

Let us be like “fishes” that are never influenced by the environment we are in. If the environment is bad, we will never be bad.

Even if the education system is exam-oriented, we can use this to our advantage. We need to consider exams as our platform for us to gain knowledge.

We need to change our mind setting from studying for exams to studying for knowledge.

The education system does not train us to be great speakers who are never afraid in presenting ideas in front of people. We need to put ourselves into some training.

If the education system does not prepare us to become leaders, we prepare ourselves to become leaders by indulging in self-development programs.


Conclusion: Are exams still boring?

You know, if we really change our mindset, impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible. And the feeling of boredom in exams will never be felt. Why do we need to feel bored with exams when we sit for exams only for the sake of knowledge?

Studying for knowledge means studying for Allah; when everything is centered because of Allah, there will be no cases of death occurring every year

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'Abdul Muhaimin Bin Misran. Known as 'Ameen Misran'. Born on the 13th of November 1989. Got early education from Raploch Primary School, Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom. Then Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sri Pulai, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor. His last school was Ma’had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyyah (MATRI). Now he is a second year student of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) taking Bachelor of English Language and Literature (BENL) minoring in Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK). He is still learning to be the best writer, author, novelist and motivator.

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