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KTN series of sem 1, 2011/2012


Alhamdulillah, we are still in the mood of Shawwal. Month of Ramadhan is not only for us to feel hunger but to educate ourselves to become a righteous person. We know that we can’t fast for a year.

In a hadith, Umar al-Khattab R.A narrates that the Prophet forbade us to fast in n adidiladha and Aidilfitri. Wives are forbidden to fast while their husband at home. This Hadith proves that as a fitrah, human cannot fast all the year.

Thus, the blessing of Allah has simplified our life to serve the Him. In the Hadith, those who are fasting ramadhan and 6 days of Shawwal, he fast like a year. So, let us seize this opportunity.

Our role in the new semester (seeking knowledge)

Many hadith describe about knowledge. Therefore, Muslim youth need to search for opportunities as they are still young. As a Muslim, knowledge is the most important property for us to keep looking and always sincere in the pursuit of knowledge. In an effort to create a sense of integrity and sincere intention, it should be a strong understanding of why we need to seek knowledge.

He said-“If you want to the world, you must have knowledge. Same goes for hereafter. So, you must have the knowledge for achieving both.

Furthermore, in the kuliyah, He mentioned the criteria useful knowledge:

1- The knowledge we seek for must be for the purpose of worship.
Dr Mahdi Golshani in his ‘Holy Quran and the Sciences of Nature’ wrote, " with the understanding of knowledge we can know Allah and thus our worship is highly valued". With the help of knowledge, in many ways and attempts we can find way to seek the truth in our life.

Knowledge is useful if it can improve or increase our knowledge of Almighty Allah. Prophet Muhammad said "Verily that we obey Allah with the knowledge and worship also knowledge.
Human evil is due to ignorance.”

2- The knowledge can develop and beneficial for our ummah.
People who search for knowledge will have privileged position. In a hadith, the Prophet said "If he died in the pursuit of knowledge to lift up Islam, Paradise is reserved for him with his neighbor is the prophets."

3- People who have knowledge can guide others to be a good muslim.
Prophet Muhammad SAW said-"Allah would love my successor (Islam missionary). Who is my successor? He is the one who teach the knowledge (good things) to the people.”

4- The knowledge to solve community problems. Such as poverty, injustice and moral evil government.


We know that the pursuit of knowledge of engineering, medical, religious, economic and others, can ensure a better future for us. But you were wrong if the knowledge is not intended solely for Allah. Thus it would not be beneficial to himself and others that will result only fatigue of seeking knowledge.


One of the activity of the mind is thinking, that use the potential of our mind and tough and utilieze the knowledge we get. Strong faith is results from confidence by believing the sign of the creation (ayatul-qaniyah) with the evidence of power of Allah’s creation so that serenity of mind can be achieved.

Thinking can distinguish human and animal. Human being have the hearing, vision, sense and lost of bountie from Allah. If they kufr (rejecting faith), they are worse than animals.

Thinking must produce good and useful ideas. Allah commands Muslims to think and relates everythings and anything with Allah. People who do not use their mind to think, they will get lost from the laws of Islam (shariah).

Ibn hajar al-asqolani once said how think for the perfection of life.
  1. Think about the guidance of Allah by believing Him.
  2. Think about the bounties of Allah until the heart bring us to love Allah.
  3. Think about the Allah’s promises that will lead us to be optimistic person. That is why we see, people who trust and believe in Allah SWT, find peace in their lives. When they fall, they get patience in their heart and express their gratitude when get the pleasures from Allah.
  4. Thinking of Allah’s torment, Hell, and Day of Resurrection. It is needed for human to fear Allah by protecting the heart from’ ujub, arrogance, pride and hurt others.
  5. Always thing about how much our obedience and deeds to attain Allah’s pleasures. Always review our deeds so we can cover which part is less and which part needs to recover thus make us have the feeling of want to worship always. "Worship (ibadah) is the only way how to get closer to Allah." The way we worship must be based on our knowledge.

Ibn Jarir al-Tabari once quoted-"In the worship of a believer, he must achieved status of godly servant(insan rabbani) " How to achieve the degree of godly servant;
1-Faqih (know)and understand Islam very well
2-Alim-have knowledge in our field eg. engineering
3-Basir bissiasah-be know the environment and community
4-Basir bitadbir-able to organize our lives and time to be more systematic.
6 - To perform all the community business thru community service. Be benefitor to the community.

Some motivation and expression by the ulama:

1- Imam Syafii, “ who do not learn and seek knowledge since young age, do four takbeer (of death) for him. Muslim youth must have knowledge and piety, that will makes life valuable.

2-Ibn Masud, "you learn for practice. Knowledge and practice, such as two-face coin that cannot be separated. If we do not practice, then we are the ones who failed in life”.

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