Sunday, April 3, 2011

Himega 11 [Hijrah Menara Gading 2011]


Kelab Siswa HALUAN (HALUANSiswa) collaboration with Journalism Club International Islamic University Malaysia (JC-IIUM) will be organized a program named Hijrah Menara Gading 2011 (Himega 11) that will be held on 22nd to 24th April 2011. HiMEGA is a post-SPM program to expose the participants to the real atmosphere of the university. With the theme of "Nurturing Alim Mujahid" means "Towards produce Alim Mujahid", participants will get a clear objectives regarding to their future as IPT students. The uniqueness of this program is, it is based on academic excellence that focusing on Islam.

Alim Mujahid has five characteristics:

1. Faith of Peace
2. A clear understanding of Islam
3. Academic Excellence
4. Actively proselytizing
5. Career as a missionary method

If you have any questions, please contact:
- Bro. Ikrimah [0134059395]
- Bro. Ameen [0135041501]

- Sis. Izzah Shiro [0132115422]
- Sis. We KHAIRIYAH [0132504986]

For online registration, please log on to this link (click here)

More info regarding to Himega 11 go to;

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