Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt: Calling for Change in Regime

MasyaAllah, the Egyptian were actually peaceful praying on a bridge while the security forces striking them with water. Don’t they have a little respect to our brothers who are praying??!

Egyptian President Will Have to Leave

The following below is a translation of Dr. Qaradawi’s statement (in Arabic) posted on IslamToday. Translated by Dr. Ali Shehata

On Saturday 1/29/11, Sheikh Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, calling in to al-Jazeera television, called upon the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down from his leadership in due consideration that there is no solution to the present crisis in Egypt except for him to leave as the Egyptian people have called upon him to do through their peaceful protests.

Qaradawi, the President of the Global Association of Muslim Scholars and one of the foremost callers of Sunni Islam in the world today, also said, “I advice President Mubarak to leave Egypt as there is no other solution to the current problem except for him to leave.” And he added by saying to him, “Leave O’ Mubarak, have mercy on these people and leave before the ruin of Egypt grows worse.” He also said, “You should no longer stay Mubarak. I advise you to learn from the experience of the ouster Tunisian president Bin Ali. I would prefer that a civil court tries you rather than to be tried by the masses.” He then emphasized to the Egyptian leader, “I urge you to leave, you have presided for 30 years already”, clarifying that he speaks on behalf of “the scholars of Egypt and the rest of the world.”

He then relayed some words to the Egyptian people saying, “Continue in your protests” but cautioned that transgression against state institutions (burning them, looting them, etc.) was prohibited by Islam. And he emphasized the necessity that the protest effort continues in a civil and peaceful manner. He also contended that the Egyptian political system was “blind and could not see, deaf and could not hear, stupid and could not understand” evidenced by the fact the the Egyptian President “came out to us in the night to deliver a speech (regarding the appointment of a vice-president) as if he was living in another world than the rest of us.”

Readers, there will be the time that Allah will destroy the oppression in the Muslim Ummah, bi iznillah. This will be easy for Him since the ultimate power is within His hand. Allah will punish the oppressors in this world and in Hereafter with the worst punishment unless they repent and change their ways in ruling Muslims community.

What we have to do? Brothers and sisters, lets pray to Allah to give our brothers and sisters in Egypt an honour and success in removing the cold hearted government which treats them inhumanely. May Allah give them strength and guide them to carry out the supreme teachings of Islam. And may Allah protect all the mu’mineen and muslimeen all across the globe and guide all of us to what will please Him.

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Hiromi Ichiban said...

Moga Allah redha dengan perjuangan rakyat Mesir...

Actually, while the riots emerges throughout the egypt, we have to consider student's safety especially malaysian.

God Bless the Egyptian.

Malaysian are watching!

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