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Media Release: Major Voyage Planned in November 2010


More NGOs Join LL4G Against Israeli Aggression On Palestine

KUALA LUMPUR, AUG 30 – THE coalition of NGOs under Lifeline for Gaza (LL4G) has announced plans for a fresh voyage into Gaza in November this year with a strong determination to Break the Siege over Palestine.

This “Humanitarian Voyage” syncs with the Merdeka spirit where Malaysians are asked to appreciate their independence, living in peace and harmony unlike Palestinians who are living under siege. Interestingly, the momentum kicked off by Malaysian NGOs in the previous flotilla has, for the first time, stirred interest from concerned humanitarians from countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Malaysian convoy will form part of a flotilla comprising international participants involving some 200 ships that are expected to set sail and break Israel’s siege over Palestine.

Back home, interest in the LL4G just got bigger recently with the last count comprising 16 organisational members under its wings. Preceding the planned major voyage, various members have been conducting campaigns and embarking on roadshows to drum up support both monetarily and physically, paving the way for a unified front by Malaysians of all backgrounds who are against the apartheid regime of Zionist Israel. The activities include charity golf, dinners and tea talks, mini marathons, bikers’ convoys, exhibitions, seminars, public talks, and SMS fund raising.

LL4G aims to raise some RM7 million this time for the voyage, a testament of its faith and determination to continue efforts to help Palestinians to evict the invaders from their homeland.

The coalition welcomes all efforts that are aimed at building support for the Palestinian issue whereby Malaysia, through its NGOs, has now become a formidable front in ASEAN that is sending a strong message to Israel that the injustices it inflicted upon Palestine and her people will not go unpunished. The homeland support in Malaysia and the region is growing rapidly and more people regardless of religion and race have joined hands in saying No to Israel.

The first “Break the Siege” LL4G campaign last May, 2010, with bloodshed onboard MV Mavi Marmara, has notched a new high in terms of public awareness in Malaysia, its neighbouring countries and the world at large. The 12-odd Malaysian team members who were onboard the vessel have since been invited to speak on Israel’s atrocities not just in Malaysia but overseas too; that Israel can no longer sugar-coat its rabid and cruel policies on people whose land they have trodden and confiscated. LL4G reiterates that these daylight criminals must be exposed, brought to justice and its supporter-nations exposed for all to see.

The much needed funds would primarily go towards securing a cargo ship, medication, educational materials, basic life necessities and mini projects such as the provision of potable water, electricity supply and operation theatres to help reconstruct Palestine. There will not be any types of military cargo.

LL4G sincerely hopes Malaysians from all walks of life, religion and background will come out and show their support. This is not an Arab or Muslim issue. It can happen to any nation that irks the Zionists who have no regards as to who you are. This is an issue about saying No to modern-day enslavement, apartheid and piracy. We cannot condone such acts in this day and age. Let us unite with LL4G and speak with one voice against the injustices suffered by the Palestinian people enslaved for over 6 decades.

The 16 members of the LL4G are:
1. HALUAN Malaysia
2. Haluan Palestin
3. Dewan Pemuda Masjid
4. Yayasan Amal Malaysia
5. Pertubuhan Mawaddah Malaysia
6. Muslim Care Malaysia
8. Viva Palestina Malaysia
9. Aqsa Syarif Sdn. Bhd.
10. JIM
11. PACE
12. Barakah, Muslim NGO coalition in Pahang
13. FORUM, Muslim NGO coalition in Penang
14. CAKNA Palestin
15. AMAN Malaysia
16. Public Campaign for Palestine.


We welcome monetary donations for this second Humanitarian Voyage via the major bank account below:

Account number : 5644 9020 8528
Bank : Maybank Berhad

We also welcome corporate donations and zakat which can also be banked-in into the same account.


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