Saturday, July 24, 2010

Active in the Hearts of the Ummah

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There is no doubt, Palestine is still under occupation. Even if the situation cools down, bombing stops and Jewish armies withdraw from Gaza, Palestine is still under occupation and thus its cause should never be pacified. In helping our brothers and sisters in Gaza continuously, our team members of IIUM Journalism Club would like to invite you to AN EVENT on this coming MONDAY!


Actually, this is one of the most essential roles Muslims should play and shouldn’t be stopped. It is sure a dangerous situation when the Palestinian cause is inactive in the hearts of the Ummah members and it becomes active only when tremendous disasters takes place. We have a tongue, we have energy and we all have the time in keeping the Palestinian issues alive forever. We will just need to spread the word and Allah will convey our message to the whole world. Definitely, the words will reach everywhere here and there. So feel free to attend THE EVENT to get some updates and stories from our invited speakers.


Brothers and sisters, never think that we are powerless and helpless. We could possibly own as much money as mountains when we jointly collect money for our brothers and sisters in Gaza who are in terrible need thereof. Undoubtedly, spending in the cause of Allah is part and parcel of jihad. In this regard, The Prophet s.a.w gave us a glad tiding in the Hadith:

"Anybody who equips a warrior going to fight in the Way of Allah is like one who actually fights. And anybody who looks after his family in his absence is also like one who actually fights."

So you guys, do realize that we still have the opportunity to receive the reward of jihad through supporting Mujahedeen with money even if in a little amount. In fact, we are required to constantly donate so as not to interrupt the course of jihad and, at the same time, to keep the cause alive in our hearts. Thus, when you had a chance to attend THE EVENT do bring along some moneys and coins. Remember, your wealth can lead to Paradise or Hellfire. Wallahu’alam.

Looking forward to welcome you in forum LL4G: Have We ENDED the Siege?

Ilal liqo, Ma'assalamah.

JC Editorial Desk

12 Syaaban 1431H
24th July 2010
IIUM Gombak

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