Monday, April 5, 2010

Life Cut Shockingly

Multitudes of men have walked on the surface of this Earth. A few of them have successfully created history for us to remember where as others are kept silent. Although each of us has different personality and the way of thinking, but there are two common things that we couldn’t possibly changed and avoid that is birth and death. The people who were at first delivered by their mother will eventually taste death. Nobody had guaranteed us that we will live here for a thousand years. Surely, all men die.

When Imam Ali An-Naqi Al-Hadi was imprisoned, he had dug up a grave ready by the side of his prayer mat. Some visitors expressed weird and surprise. Then Imam explained, “In order to remember my end I keep the grave before my eyes.” This is the characteristic of a believer. Before times run out and the final moment approaches, they would feel and realized that how important that he wakes up from an inattention situation and always prepares for the Final Everlasting Day. Ready or not, some day it will come to an end.

For those who didn't hear the news, there are a few people who have a close connection and relationships with us were called to meet their creator. There were our beloved lecturer, our master trainer and our dear friend who have passed away last month.

7th March 2010: Prof. Dr. Wahyudi Martono, from Department of Mechatronics Engineering, IIUM who passed away on Sunday by the age of 40 at RS Pusrawi.

19th March 2010: Master Trainer, Haji Mohd Osman Ibrahim who passed away on Friday by the age of 67 years old.

29th March 2010: Our dear friend from Kuliyyah of Law, Mohd Firdaus bin Ismail who met with an accident and has passed away on.

We prayed to Allah to rest the departed soul in peace and grant strength to the family members to accept this permanent loss with redha and calmness. Readers, lets recite Al-Fatihah for all departed souls of believer men and women. Wallahu’alam.

“To Allah (Almighty God) we belong, and to Him is our return.” (Qur’an 2:156)

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