Saturday, December 5, 2009

Youth in A Mission

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu!

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, sometimes we have to sit back and ponder about life and ponder about the purpose of it. At times we know the purpose, yet we fall of track due to the play and amusement of this world. No one can deny that this world is one big attraction. Hence, in order to ensure that we are in the right track, it is best to pause and reflect back.

You see, most people make the use of the situation based on a cycle. The EAT-WORK-SLEEP cycle, which will turns out to be boring. Monday the classes start and last till Friday. Then again the same old weekend, where some people claims to enjoy. The same old story again and again. But we have to remember and ask ourselves why we are here and stick to it. Don’t run from it! We have a mission to be completed.

Ha??? What kind of mission do you mean? Well, my dear brothers and sisters, what Allah requires from us is to be a mu’min and mujahid. A mu’min is one who is true and firm in his faith in Allah. Whereas a mujahid is one who strives his utmost, with all out, to gain Allah's pleasure. If we are a mu’min and a mujahid, Allah will assist us to rise to higher stations both in this world and in the Hereafter. This is the ultimate triumph. It’s not merely getting an A grades in the examination. Hence as a new semester will eventually starts, let’s us think hard of an investment that pays off long-term that is the Hereafter. Don’t you think so? It’s kind of a small act of worship which results in such a huge reward.

True believers are those who struggle and work hard to attain the pleasure and satisfaction of Allah in this world and in the Hereafter. There is no doubt that Allah is the one who grants success. Thus, let us ask Allah to guide and help us in each of our actions, to make it easy for us to follow the haq and guide us to actions that will lead us to Jannah! May He grant us all Al-Firdaus out of His mercy. Ameen!

A bunch of youth in a mission: To become a mu'min and mujahid


JC Editorial Desk

18 Zul Hijjah 1430H
5th December 2009
IIUM Gombak

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