Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Film on the Seerah

I know it’s kind of a little bit late to report this news. But who cares, better late than never huh… I was a bit startled when I heard about Barrie M. Osborne who is the best known for "The Matrix" and the "Lord of the Rings" producer is planning to make a film on Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Currently without a title, the film is scheduled to begin shooting in 2011. The film will cover the Prophet’s life from birth to his death.

A Qatar based Production Company; Al Noor Holdings has hired English-speaking Muslim actors as well as a Muslim scholar to oversee all aspects of the project. It is important to ensure that neither the Prophet s.a.w nor direct members of his family can be depicted. Hence, it will show the events surrounding his life and the effect on those around him like by having characters address the camera-as-the Prophet s.a.w or by having his companions step out of the Prophet’s tent to repeat what the Prophet has just said.

Similar to “The Message” it shows a true picture of the struggles and the development of Islam. To me, I found myself having a very deep respect to those who contributed in the work after viewing the film. The film is a beautiful work, and the story is moving, informative and well worth viewing for anyone and all ages. This kind of project should be supported as long as the script, photographing and production of the film are supervised by our Muslims scholars it will be okay insha Allah. Hoping that it will end up well!

Barrie M. Osborne, an American movie producer


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