Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ariel Sharon - 4 years lifeless condition

It was reported from a trustful electronic media that former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon is still suffering from stroke and unable to function physically and mentally. On 26th February 2009 he turned 81, laying unconsciousness in his bed with an open eye for within more than 4 years. Sharon has remained in a long-term care centre since 6 November 2006.

Dr. Yuli Krieger, a physician not involved in Sharon's case, told Israel Radio that the chances of waking up after such a lengthy coma were small. "Every day that passes after this kind of event with the patient still unconscious the chances that he will gain consciousness get smaller"

A picture taken via mobile phone device and smuggled successfully out of hospital

No medicine, no power, no doctor, no scientist, no sort of magic in this world can help him get up. May this be a reminder to all people especially tyrant politicians who exercises power cruelly and unjustly. Remember, everybody will be accounted for his tyranny.

Source: Era Muslim

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Safi ArRahman said...

Inilah akibat dari penindasan terhadap umat Islam yang berlangsung terus menerus siang dan malam.

Sungguh, azab dan seksa Allah itu sangat keras dan pedih.

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